Managed API for Vectors

VecDB enables developers to build critical vector similarity search applications, that searches through billions of vector embeddings and metadata in milliseconds at scale. No DevOps, No 3rd party metadata store, All through a simple API.


Designed for All Your Vector Needs

Built to maximise your vectors for better accuracy, reliability, utility and interpretability.

Vector Search

Search through millions of vectors with high speed and precision.

Vector Analytics

Understand and analyse your vectors to improve accuracy and interpretability.

Vector Operations

Store and run vector operations such as group by sums.

Hybrid Store

Store your metadata and multiple vectors in 1 document just like a normal database.

Hybrid Operations

Combine your metadata and vectors to run even more powerful hybrid analysis.

Real-time and Persistent

Search in real time without rebuilding an index everytime you insert.

Scale across regions not just vectors

Need low latency across the globe? Talk to us about how you can get high availability for any region.


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